Northwest Miniature Pig Association (NWMPA)

The Northwest Miniature Pig Association (NWMPA) is a group of potbellied pig owners and other concerned individuals. The mission of the NWMPA is to promote responsible pet pig ownership. Educational activities assist pet pig owners and potential owners by providing information on the health, care and training of miniature pet pigs. Club members participate in special educational and fundraising events, host vet clinics, attend monthly membership meetings, and receive the NWMPA newsletter, The Northwest Pig Tales.

NWMPA on Facebook

NWMPA is now on Facebook! Check out or post pictures of pigs, ask questions, get more info on events and care of pot bellied pigs, and more...

NWMPA Monthly Meetings

NWMPA club meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.  Occasionally a meeting is canceled due to weather, or another club activity. For details regarding current location please contact a NWMPA officer or member before attending for the first time.

Potbellied Pig Parenting Book

Written by Nancy Shepherd.
110 pages with a complete index.
Understand the nature of the potbellied pig.
Socializing and re-socializing the complicated pig.
What to provide, for indoor and outdoor accommodations.
Offering your pig constructive pastimes.
Traveling safely and enjoyably with your pig.
Solving care and management problems.
And much, much more...

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